Tianjin ROTATE Bearing Co.,Ltd is located in Jinnan District, North Gate Development Zone, now it has a plant and office space of over 4,000 square meters, the existing employees more than 50 people, including college education 10 people. Run Boquete company specializing in oil drilling accessories, TC bearings and other products, production and processing. Strong technical force, have their own R & D team, independent design and development products, has developed and produced a full coverage high wear TC bearings and other new products, and has a patent certificate and Tianjin Technology Invention. Now, Run Boquete companies rely on advanced production technology, equipment and a high level of skilled workers, it can produce a variety of TC bearing more than 6,000 units, to become one of the largest domestic manufacturer of bearings and drilling accessories TC; the same time, products are exported to the United States, Canada and Russia.

    Rotate Bearing company now has a diameter of 800mm sintering furnace 2, XH715D4 axis machining center for two, Q-1336 pipe thread 2, T2129G deep hole drilling 2, ordinary and CNC lathes more than 20 Taiwan, grinder 8, milling machine , Z3050 drilling Taiwan. Testing equipment has atomic absorption spectrometer, Rockwell hardness tester and detectors and the like. Company strict customs of raw materials, key raw materials are used well-known brands, while QC was established chemical and physical testing room and out of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are carried out rigorous testing to ensure that the finished product passing rate of 100 percent. In addition, the company has innovated its own unique heat treatment process, to meet different customer requirements for different hardness TC bearing matrix (240-330 distributed from domestic and foreign Rockwell 28-36). Tianjin Run Boquete company was in February 2011 through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.

   Rotate Bearing Founded just four years, the market share doubled, the company's product line has been continuously enriched. Looking ahead, the company will continue to advanced technology and equipment, strict quality management, high-quality workforce, and improve after-sales service to win customer satisfaction; at the same time, so that employees and businesses grow, to share in the enterprise development growth, while we assume their social responsibility