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Driven by improving transport diversified transport capacity

Release Time:2015-04-08

In the industry is a key component conveyor belt conveyor indispensable. In recent years, China's rapid economic development, the rapid development of science and technology technology, new materials are constantly being invented and put into use. Yu Xin mechanical believes that improvement in favor of the conveyor belt material conveyor industry to raise the conveyor, is conducive to the development of diverse delivery device. With the successful development of more and more new material, I believe that our conveyor in the future development of enterprises will be able to find an excellent conveyor belt products. Affected by the instability in the global economic recovery trend, the country is to expand domestic demand, and increased investment in infrastructure, the western development and revitalizing the northeast old industrial base strategy also with China's entry into the "five" development plan unveiled a new chapter, mine exploration and construction in the ascendant. In order to improve the efficiency of construction and production, improve conveyor demand are bound to promote the development of the conveyor belt industry. Due to the use of different environments, in order to adapt to the working environment, conveyor design vary, some strong wear resistance, and some can adapt to high temperature environment, what kind of conveyor belt determine under what conditions it in the work. Rubber conveyor belt due to the impact of the downstream industry, the past decade has been the special requirements of these industries at the core, to high temperature, high strength, flame retardancy direction. The light conveyor belt is mainly used in light industry and agriculture, the main products for the automated production line carrier transport, is a key component to automate the production of light industry. Currently, due to the importance of the national drive for energy saving work by, light conveyor belt showing the direction of development of lightweight, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

China's accession to the WTO has been the past 10 years, and in this decade, China's mining machinery in foreign trade has achieved rapid development. It plays a huge role in the mining, smelting, industrial production and so on. Although our industry has screw conveyor is a relatively mature industry, and government support and the broad market, the yield of the conveyor has been high, but our conveyor technology industry levels than European and American countries have a big gap, Therefore, exports to Asian and African Third World countries have been based. In recent years, the national government's attention to science and technology technology, our conveyor technology on top of the transport industry has made a series of breakthroughs, while our sound economic policies to attract the majority of foreign investment in China, which gave the country the conveyor industry to develop international market has brought good opportunities.

Our high-end production capacity is still relatively weak delivery device, although it is a vulnerable sector of the conveyor, but it is also for the future development of China pointed out the direction of the conveyor industry. Improve delivery of high-end equipment production capacity, primarily in two ways to proceed.

1, requires the government to act as a technology research and development firm backing. The pace of technological development of the industry slow conveyor because the conveyor unlimited potential Today, large and small enterprises influx conveyor market, which makes conveyor competition in the market at the low end price competition stage competition this situation is delaying the big companies independent research and development pace. Governments should strengthen the supervision of the conveyor of the market, increase spending on independent innovation and business support to help companies share some market risk, in order to accelerate the speed of the conveyor from the fundamental research and development, so that the conveyor industry healthy development.

2, need to find their own way to improve the technical level. With the rise of China's foreign trade continues to open economy, local enterprises conveyors, conveyor mergers of foreign companies has become possible. Obtain foreign conveyor regarded as our company's core technology breakthrough a shortcut conveyor technology enterprises through mergers and consolidation bottleneck. Meanwhile, the use of local resources and attract foreign companies to cooperate with local enterprises in China, is also a good way to introduce technology.

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