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Petroleum Machinery Company attended the Shanghai International Water Exhibition

Release Time:2015-07-22

      Recently, oil machinery companies participated in a row at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center at the Eighth Shanghai International Water Exhibition.

  Through discussion and exchange exhibition concept, the development status of the participating researchers to China and the world in the field of environmental protection, the development prospects, breakthrough technologies and supporting policies to achieve further have a comprehensive understanding, in particular, combined with the actual development of petroleum machinery company, focusing on Follow fracturing flowback and oily waste treatment technology, including advanced catalytic oxidation technology, immobilized microorganism technology, enhanced coagulation technology, renewable sorbent technology, membrane distillation technology and fluidized bed incinerators and other related technologies environmental protection technology and equipment in the oil field development and application. During the exhibition, the participants also invited to the General Electric Company Shanghai R & D center, to visit its "Wastewater Treatment and Reuse", "Chemicals", "Biotechnology" three laboratories and one of the operating equipment can be skid mounted, and on oil ultrafiltration membranes, resin adsorbent, membrane distillation technique made on-site exchange.

  As the world's largest water treatment industry event, the Shanghai International Exhibition gathered water treatment industry in all areas and product categories of exhibitors, a complete picture of all aspects of industrial and residential water treatment. This session of the exhibition contains sewage water exhibition, the end of the exhibition and the film and the water purifier three exhibition theme exhibition, more than 2,000 domestic and foreign environmental protection industry related exhibitors, technical exchanges, high-level forums and other activities throughout.