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Petroleum machinery sulfide chloride corrosion technology research

Release Time:2015-07-22

Oil in the high water chloride sulfide corrosion research

     With the development of the oil business, most of the oil field, China has entered a stage of development in high water cut. In this stage of the development process, the degree of corrosion of petroleum machinery is increasing, coupled with the most moderate of oil sulfuric acid is higher, the combined effect of these factors, oil machinery corrosive increasingly serious, resulting in oil production a serious impact, while oil production has led to occurrence of various accidents. Cause This paper will analyze the corrosion of petroleum machinery, petroleum machinery and exploring effective measures to prevent corrosion, thereby providing a fundamental guarantee for the development of the oil industry.

     With the rapid development of the oil industry on oil mechanical corrosion phenomena prevention technology is becoming an important factor limiting the development of the oil industry. Hua Wei Sheng Zhi anti-corrosion coatings engineer, Yijing Li (010-51185868,15010854413), long-term development of the oil industry, a good anti-corrosion technology of petroleum machinery is to protect the development of the oil industry, not only to increase production of oil daily, and can to play a role in the life of petroleum machinery extension. In addition, oil companies can save development costs, so that oil companies to obtain maximum economic benefits. So, oil companies should strengthen petroleum machinery corrosion technology development and innovation, provide a strong guarantee for the development of the oil industry.

   一、Causes corrosion of petroleum machinery

      1、Petroleum and petroleum machinery polysulfide cause corrosion

      Most of the oil contains more polysulfide, in the mining process in the petroleum, petroleum machinery and equipment exposed to the oil when the oil is easily polysulfide corrosion and produce a variety of multi-surface oil in machinery sulfide, in the course of the operation of petroleum machinery, these polysulfide will bring a lot of unrest to oil machinery. In addition, machinery and equipment long-term exposure to the air, carbon dioxide and moisture in the air will be part of the mechanical equipment and the corrosion reaction occurs, eventually leading to the degree of corrosion of the entire oil machinery and equipment more serious.

      2、Petroleum machinery petroleum sulfide cause corrosion

      Such corrosion is mainly composed of petroleum products due to impurities, these impurities is the main component of the sulfide. Sulfide and oil in the water can undergo a chemical reaction, resulting in a lot of oil in the generation of hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide with the reduction and acid, causing severe corrosion of oil machinery and equipment. In addition, there are a large number of chemical impurities oil, these impurities are also largely responsible for the machinery and equipment for oil and corrosion.

      3、Petroleum oil machinery chloride cause corrosion

      According to the survey, and now many are rich in oil, brine, brine occur if chemical hydrolysis phenomenon, will be transformed into hydrochloric acid, for the petroleum machinery, the hydrochloric acid is one of the key factors leading to corrosion of petroleum machinery equipment, machinery and equipment for oil cause severe corrosion, thereby reducing the quality and safety of petroleum machinery equipment.

      4、Naphthenic petroleum oil leads to corrosion of mechanical equipment

      Naphthenic acid is the main component of organic acids in the oil now, naphthenic acid with a strong chemical nature, can and oil machinery in the iron compound effect occurs, petroleum machinery iron by severe corrosion, thereby greatly reducing oil machinery and equipment safety, reliability and quality, and ultimately generate restrictions on oil production work.

   二、Petroleum machinery corrosion technical measures

      1、Using an efficient anti-corrosion coatings

      In order to prevent corrosion of petroleum machinery, you should use an efficient anti-corrosion coatings. For example, with environmental acid nature of anti-corrosion coatings and anti-corrosion properties of inorganic polymer coatings, anti-corrosion coatings which are capable of petroleum contaminants in corrosive and acidic substances play a role, to a great extent on the oil machinery from corrosion to good preventive effect. First, anti-corrosion coatings are environmentally friendly nature of the acid, this coating the main principle is to petroleum crude oil preservative that can cause corrosion of organic acids, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen sulfide and other acidic organic compounds or acidic compounds abatement of petroleum machinery. Followed by inorganic anti-corrosion coating polymer properties, the principle of this coating can be preserved for petroleum machinery primarily for oil dispersion of metals and metal oxides control, so as to achieve a preservative.

      Beijing Hua Wei Sheng Zhi Joint Forces Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. jointly developed, mainly to deal with military battle equipment and research and development needs of highly corrosion ZS-711 inorganic anti-corrosion coatings, the main function is acid such as chlorides, sulfides, and organic acids, anti-electrochemical corrosion, corrosion is antistatic, wide application conditions, high coating hardness.

    ZS-711 inorganic anti-corrosion coating developed using the world's latest anti-corrosion technology, the solution is a new Chi Sheng Weihua special inorganic polymer chelate forming solution to silicon group -Si-O-Si- bond as the basis, grafting organic alkyl side chain as his assistant, and then to OH-terminated chain chelating anticorrosive film-forming material, the key to a silicon atom chelated alkyl ternary good synergy, strong solution stability, reducing the high poly influence was inside, a film was more compact, strong adhesion, high temperature. Successfully developed anti-corrosion coating film-forming solution chelated to avoid the traditional anti-corrosion coating points low, medium, face complicated construction process, coating single coating, depending on the operating conditions, brushing 2 times 2 times or more to .

     ZS-711 anti-corrosion coatings anticorrosive inorganic pigments are highly decentralized activation of passivated metal particles, nano-scale graphite, nano-metal oxide bisexual, ultra-fine superfine powder and other components. After activation of these anticorrosive pigments, corrosion is able to play in enhancing the role of polarization resistance to corrosion, acid and alkali corrosion resistance is high, and played a very good and prevent the substrate potential rise of the role, but also to avoid Tu the presence of pinholes layer, high coating hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance, acid aging for a long time.

      After the film-forming inorganic polymer chelating solution and paint coating anticorrosive pigments highly activated form of rapid response in combination with surface material objects or atomic ions, generate a physical, chemical, electronic triple protection protective effect, by a chemical bond, ionic bond firmly binding the substrate surface. For physical corrosion, chemical corrosion, corrosion are well protected electronic matrix effect. Paint environmental pollution, long life, corrosion resistance than the international advanced level, is in line with the environmental requirements of high-tech replacement.

      2、The use of new anti-corrosion materials in the manufacture of petroleum machinery equipment

      During the conduct of petroleum machinery manufacturing, you can use some have a stronger, higher and more comprehensive anti-corrosion properties of new materials, from the source to the settlement of the petroleum mechanical erosion phenomenon. Wei Sheng Zhi Hua inorganic anti-corrosion coating oil machinery manufacturing in the selection of materials, should be scientific and rational choice oxidizing strong resistance to reducing acid resistance and strong oil machinery manufacturing materials, thereby providing greater security for the manufacture of petroleum machinery equipment , higher quality and more reliable material to improve corrosion resistance of oil machinery and equipment, petroleum machinery to solve corrosion problems, and ultimately to ensure the smooth completion of oil production.

      3、Take electrochemical corrosion

     Electrochemical corrosion is the use of so-called current mechanical slow corrosion rate method. The principle of this method is that corrosion corrosion process in the movement of electrons. Put into use before the cathodic protection current, corrosion of mechanical parts to achieve corrosion by the method of cathode filler packets sacrifice. If the metal surface of the machinery of a sufficient number of electrons through, then it will slow down corrosion or mechanical stop. Now electrochemical corrosion method under different circumstances preservative objects will take a different technology combined method is primarily a combination of electrochemical and outer coating method.

      4、Adding corrosion inhibitor in the oil environment

      The role of work in the process of carrying out petroleum, construction workers add the oil in a corrosive environment appropriate inhibitor, let this matter play a role in chemical and material mechanical metal surfaces, thereby slowing the rate of dissolution of the metal, played preservation . The use of corrosion inhibitors can not only protect the oil machinery and equipment will not be subjected to various chemical corrosion, but also can save a lot of costs and expenses for the development of the oil companies. Currently, the inhibitor has been in the oil industry to a wide range of applications. Chi Sheng Wei Hua ZS-711 inorganic anti-corrosion coating effectively prevents corrosion inhibitor.

      5、Using tungsten alloy plating and pipe couplings for oil machinery corrosion

      The main principle is plated tungsten alloy plating physics approach that the metal with isolation and antiseptic effect on the surface of the oil machinery and equipment, thereby slowing the degree of corrosion of petroleum machinery. This method can maximize the contact area of oil and smaller equipment, in order to achieve the preservative effect. In addition, oil machinery pipe couplings scientific and rational use, but also can effectively slow down the corrosion of petroleum machinery.

      In summary, the corrosion problems of petroleum machinery has become increasingly serious, therefore, should take effective measures and means to strengthen the work of anti-corrosion oil equipment. Although corrosion oil machinery and equipment has made some achievements, but still requires constant exploration and innovation.